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Product designer with engineering background

Hi, I'm Lala!


My superpower is a holistic system-based approach with a high level of precision. I worked with the biggest marketplaces in my home country (more than 1M users). I created a design system and dark mode for two mobile apps (Turbo and Tap) and optimized version control and handoff processes, reducing operational time for the design team by 40%. 

Common adjectives my co-workers have used to describe me are: organized, supportive, proactive and open-minded.

Saida, Design Team Lead

“As Lala’s direct supervisor, it was a pleasure for me to work with her. I was pleasantly surprised by how well Lala organizes her workflow. Being exceptionally organized, Lala was an employee that I could fully rely on; by assigning her a project, I could be sure that the job will get done.

I am happy to recommend Lala as a competent and eager to grow designer with a structural and curious mindset."
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