Hailing from Azerbaijan, I started my engineering career in the world’s biggest oilfield service company and worked in multiple countries.

Slb (ex-Schlumberger) engineering execution school
Slb (ex-Schlumberger) engineering execution school
Field operations in Abu Dhabi
Field operations in Abu Dhabi

I was a part of well construction department, responsible for projects design, execution and evaluation.

When the company started the global digitalization process, I contributed to designing resources management platform.

Aligning stakeholders’ interests with business needs and incorporating research findings into insights and hypotheses was challenging for me but I enjoyed and appreciated the process.

This experience marked the beginning of my design journey.

When the pandemic struck, I saw it as a chance to explore new things. I came across the UX/UI design bootcamp, and thought it might be interesting to try.

The skills and process design principles I learned while working for Slb accelerated my journey of mastering UX/UI Design.

I loved solving problems for others by optimizing processes and finding patterns, and valued precision and craftsmanship.

Engineering background and UX design competitions helped me quickly pivot to tech industry and land a job at Turbo - the biggest car marketplace in Azerbaijan.

Apart from elevating the company product experience and user interaction, I took the initiative to redefine the whole approach to design ops in the company.

Together with the product and dev teams we renovated design processes, accelerating time-to-market and reducing development costs.

Being a part of the Turbo design team was a rewarding experience. Not only did I contribute to team culture and design impact on business metrics but I also learned a lot through close collaboration with product managers and developers.

Educating non-design stakeholders about the design system importance
Educating non-design stakeholders about the design system importance

But I wanted more. Though I loved my job and had a great team at Turbo, at some point I realized that I hit a professional ceiling.

I was lucky enough to move to Canada as a permanent resident 🇨🇦. While navigating the challenge of building a new life from scratch, I kept improving my portfolio and interviewing skills.

After some time, I joined Rock Your Data, a data analytics consulting company, as a product designer.